Going into Asmodexia I was under the impression that it was an exorcism movie.  I don’t care for exorcism movies all that much unless it’s called The Exorcist.  However, I do love Spanish horror, which convinced me to check this out.  Turns out that the film is more of a exorcism-cult-supernatural kind of thing.  Confusing?  A little, but bear with me.

I really love the way the movie was shot.  The viewer is only given small pieces of the puzzle at a time and is done so in a way that drags you in.  Why is this old dude and this teenage girl a door-to-door exorcist team?  What is going on in that mental institution?  How the hell is this cult tied in?  There are a lot of religious references, and even a tie-in to the Mayan calendar throughout the entire film.  I feel the ending did a good job of answering the viewer’s questions, though I can see some people being disappointed by it.

For me, this was awesome.  The sounds had me on edge.  You know something isn’t right, you just can’t figure out what it is.  I have a feeling I’ll be watching it again to see if I can pick up on any clues I might have missed in the first viewing.  Definitely go out and watch this one, and after you do, look up Asmodeus.  It will provide some more insight to some parts of the movie.  But do that afterwards so that you can fully enjoy the strange ride that is Asmodexia.