If you listened to episode 2 of the podcast you’ll know how we feel that our expectations often influence our movie watching enjoyment.  I’ve been burnt by high expectations more often than I can count.  Jessabelle is one of the rare occasions where I was incredibly excited and somehow, by all the powers of the horror universe, I was not let down.

Jessabelle throws you all the mystery that you can handle without being so vague that your interest gets left by the wayside.  The characters feel authentic, which is rare when the deep south is being portrayed on film. There is also the brilliance of having our protagonist wheelchair bound.  Now put this poor character who can barely get around unassisted and throw her into an overtly creepy Antebellum-style home.  The result is an atmosphere that will give you anxiety while waiting for the next few moments.

My one complaint is that I felt the ending was a bit weak.  It did a great job answering your questions quickly, and the actual ending was how I hoped it would go, but the lead up didn’t seem to fit the overall tone.  You’ve seen this story before, but never quite like this.  Not bad for Robert Ben Garant, a guy who is best known for acting and writing for Reno 911.