This may be one of the only reviews that we go back in time for, and that’s only due to the fact that the sequel just wrapped filming and has entered post production.

It has been several years since I sat down and watched The Orphan Killer. In fact, I remembered very little about it. Upon watching it once more.. I have to admit I’m surprised it doesn’t have more of a cult following. Sure, we don’t really know why Marcus chose that night to start killing people again and return for his sister (sound familiar?), and that’s alright. Perhaps it was due to her having her dance recital that night.. but was it her first? If not, then again – why now? If it was… that would make more sense, but it would be nice for a supporting character to allude to that at some point.

But lets be honest.. you aren’t watching a movie called “The Orphan Killer” for a rock solid plot. After all, where else can you see children strangled with barbed wire and beaten with bats..a church worker get decapitated in a bathroom stall.. a nun get absolutely wrecked with an axe.. or a priest get stabbed multiple times, sawed at with a rusty blade, and then beaten to death with a hammer? TOK is all about the violence, and it does it extremely well.

Acting from Diane Foster is good enough by slasher standards. Other than her though, there is very little dialogue in the film. Again, we are here for the KILLS. Marcus does speak – which is interesting for a slasher killer. Some of his lines are legitimately thought provoking – others are down right corny. One thing is certain though, The Orphan Killer’s mask is one of the coolest in the biz. Marcus could be the honorary 22nd member of Slipknot and fit right in.

Though the story has a hard time keeping it together at times, and may drag a bit towards the end – It does do a genuinely good job of making you feel just a tad bit sorry for the killer in the flashback later in the film. That’s insanely surprising for a film seemingly going for 100% shock value.

If you’ve yet to watch it – call up some friends, grab some drinks, and prepare to have a hell of a time. The ending is obvious sequel bait, and thats fine – because The Orphan Killer: Bound X Blood is due out next year!