When a movie opens up with a botched home remedy-style abortion, you’re expecting a wild ride.  However, if you’ve seen any Asian-style ghost stories in the last two decades, then you have a pretty solid idea of how The Second Coming is going to go.  Luckily, this one throws in a twist at the end that makes it worth trudging through the first hour.  And that’s probably my biggest complaint.  The grand reveal was great and had some truly terrifying implications, but the whole build-up was lackluster.

The story revolves around a teenage girl named Lucy.  After she receives an accidental concussion, strange things start to happen.  We’re treated to various flashbacks that hint at the family’s troubled past.  There’s the usual “who’s the ghost?” mystery and some jump scares to keep you just engaged enough to not turn the damn thing off.  Acting is average, as is the production.  Nothing to brag about over in the sound department.  The ending is the only thing holding this one together.  It’s far from the worst movie I’ve seen, but it ain’t great either.