When you see the title WolfCop your expectations take an immediate nosedive into the realm of “maybe I’ll just check out the first 10 minutes to see how bad this really is”.  That’s how I started this journey, yet thirty minutes later I find that I’m engrossed in this unexpected gem.  There are problems, don’t get me wrong, but on a shoe-string budget of one million dollars, the final product is pretty damn good.

This is one of those self-aware films.  It knows that it is hokey and it plays that up.  Even the name of the lead character, Lou Garou, is a play on a French term for werewolf, loup garou.  Bad acting and cheesy lines run rampant.  It just fits the vibe.  On the other hand, the practical effects are phenomenal.  The transformation scenes, which includes a dick into a werewolf dick transformation (I can’t make this stuff up), are far beyond what you would think possible in this kind of film.  Deaths are gory yet still make you laugh.  The whole package is rife with sophomoric humor.  In short, it is amazing.

The end of the movie promises WolfCop II and I hope they deliver.