Ridley Scott needs no introduction, the man is a living legend, but you may need a refresher when it comes to Olatunde Osunsanmi. He is the man responsible for one of the greatest “found footage” movies of all time. I use that term extremely loosely, though. Osunsanmi’s breakout feature The Fourth Kind was the perfect blend of traditional cinema and (super convincing) found footage elements. If you haven’t gotten around to checking it out… get on it.

Scott and Osunsanmi are now set to team up on a new project called The Twisted, and it seems as if we may get a second dose of Osunsanmi’s masterful faux-documentary work. Check out the official synopsis below:

Set in in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, where strange things are happening to the children at an isolated orphanage; a child psychologist with a haunted past must team up with a parapsychologist and his cameraman to interview the children, who take a terrifying and twisted turn for the worse.


The Twisted is the first entry in a new genre label titled “Ridley Scott Presents,“. Written by Ari Schlossberg, Scott is on board as a producer and Osunsanmi will direct. We’ll keep you posted on additional details as the news comes our way. This one seems promising.