We’re finally getting the prequel to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. No, this isn’t some Hollywood cash grab trying to capitalize on the horror genre’s current popularity. This prequel, RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD, is coming from a place of love—from George Cameron Romero, George A. Romero’s son.

RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD takes place before NIGHT, as Cameron announced the news on his Facebook page. It was all the way back in 2014 when Cameron announced the project, starting an Indiegogo campaign to finance the film, which was then called ORIGINS. The project did receive its requested $30,000 in funding.

“This one is the prelude to Night, the film that created the pop culture phenomenon that has inspired thousands of filmmakers from backyard auteurs to $180M features to the single longest running and most successful show in the history of television,” Cameron wrote on his Facebook page. “This one has been a long time coming. And it is my absolute promise to you all that this film will be everything it needs to be.”

Cameron didn’t give any other details than that. There could be more to come. Cameron said announcing RISE OF THE LIVING DEAD is just part one. We’ll be waiting for part two.