Doctor Crane isn’t here anymore” but fear is, and from the Comic-Con trailer, Scarecrow is bringing it.

Say what you will about comics, but the world of Batman has always walked alongside the path of Horror. Of all the superheroes, it cannot be denied that the Caped Crusader keeps the darkest of company. One such devil will finally have his day when long-time Batman adversary, Scarecrow joins the cast for season 4 of FOX’s Gotham.

The trailer for Season 4 is essentially a catch-up for viewers, but the final minute sets the stage for the return of Jonathan Crane, portrayed by Charlie Tahan (I am Legend, Wayward Pines). Already featured in a couple of Season One episodes, the young Crane seems ready to embrace his destiny as the iconic super-villain who first appeared in DC Comics way back in 1941. While the character of Scarecrow may not have super-strength or sharks with lasers, he has managed to weaponize that one emotion every Horror fan embraces: terror.

What if you just really tell Scarecrow as a horror movie? Because he could be scary as hell. – John Stephens, Gotham Executive Producer

The Scarecrow hasn’t been featured on-screen since Cillian Murphy donned the mask in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but he has been voiced in games and animated films by such acting stalwarts as John Noble (Sleepy Hollow, Fringe) and Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street). This new representation promises to, as Executive Producer John Stephens puts it, “reintroduce fear into Gotham and to remind people that the dark is still scary out there“.

Gotham returns to Fox for its fourth season on Thursday, Sept. 21st.