DNA manipulation plus Volunteers. What could possibly go wrong?

What fans of science-fiction horror know and love is that even the most horrible of experiments started out with the best of intentions. That seems the case in THE TITAN, the new original feature from Netflix.

Starring Sam Worthington of AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS fame, the story features a classified government experiment meant to get ahead of Earth’s coming ecological collapse. A team of researchers plan to prepare humans for planetary exploration and eventual relocation. The goal? Colonize Saturn’s moon, Titan. But first, some scientists need to get physical by way of genetic experiments on military volunteers.

Things, as they say, don’t go as planned.

Directed by German filmmaker Lennart Ruff, the film stars Worthington, Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones) and the great Tom Wilkinson (BATMAN BEGINS, SELMA). The film was written by Max Hurwitz and Arash Amel. Hurwitz also wrote MANHUNT: UNABOMBER, which if you haven’t seen it, is an excellent fact-based thriller also on Netflix and also starring Sam Worthington.

Strap in and get transformed for THE TITAN with the trailer below. It hits Netflix March 30th.

In the near future, a military family uproot their lives so they can participate in a ground-breaking experiment to accelerate man’s genetic evolution. The goal? To relocate humanity to another planet and avoid extinction.