After three episodes, it is safe to say that MTV’s Scream is officially a critical and ratings hit. I know I am hooked to the show now and will continue tuning in each week. Below is a list of the top 6 biggest moments from episode four. Pay attention closely, as the story is starting to get good. Warning: spoilers ahead.

In this weeks episode Will and Jake continue revealing more about their fishy side business. When Will gets accepted to Duke, he is bummed about tuition costs. Jake reassures him that they can get the money. Later in the episode Brook’s dad gets an unknown text demanding $100,000! Where is all of this going?
After receiving an anonymous gift, Emma gets a tip to go to the old hospital where Brandon James was rumored to have stayed. Her and Audrey search the hospital and upon their arrival follow a bloody trail of pig guts- leading them right to the killer’s hub. They also discover Nina’s laptop – which brings us to…
Upon the discovery of Nina’s laptop, Emma finds video files encrypted in a secret folder. In the folder, includes a list people from the Sheriff to the Mayor. Audrey downloads a copy of the files and Noah breaks into them. After breaking in, they discover it is a sex tape of Will and Emma. Noah accidentally uploads it and immediately everyone views the video. Emma, thinking she’s one step ahead, is dumfounded when the video of her “first time” is leaked. Much like Sidney Prescott in the original Scream, our main heroine is de-viginized.
After a few weeks of not being 100%, it was confirmed last night that the driver in the car was in fact the body of Nina’s ex, Tyler. His head was also found in the killer’s lair wearing a Ghostface Mask.
Brook is sent an anonymous poll that has gone viral around school. The poll is a vote on who should die next. It’s between her and Emma. Brook won by a landslide. Is this a clue on who gets butchered next?
Piper is suspicious that Tyler had anything to do with the murders (her theory is confirmed by the end of the episode). She thinks it might be a cover up. The Sheriff is also on edge, because he fears people may suspect him. Emma’s mother comforts the Sheriff, reassuring him that she always has his side. Hmm….

scream-episode-4-aftermath-photo-promo-mtvEven though no one died last night, I was perfectly okay with that. The episode was packed with suspense and answers, but also way more questions. Strangely absent from this entire episode were Kieran and Mr. Branson, the teacher Brook hooks up with. They have some explaining to do. What are your thoughts? Take a stab in the comments below! See you next week!