After last weeks event filled episode, this week was a little more lackluster. I feel that we are starting to get into the expository chunk of the episodes. These mid-season episodes are starting to be filled with character plot and relationships. Pscream-episode-5-emma-pipererhaps forgetting that it is a slasher series. It would be difficult to kill someone every episode, but two episodes may be waiting too long. Below is a list of the top 5 moments from this week’s episode. Warning: spoilers ahead.


While at the candle light vigil for Riley, Emma goes up to the podium to give a speech of memoriam. During her speech, Emma receives a snapchat from the killer. The video is of Emma earlier that night. Clearly the killer is at the vigil. She stops mid speech and spots the masked killer dodge behind a wall. Everyone was there that night… so who was under the mask?
Will and Jake’s money making scheme seems to be much more clear this episode. They have a video recording of the mayor, although it is unsure who actually recorded it. In turn for the video, they have been black mailing him.
Speaking of that video, Jake comes over to comfort Brooke. After a short exchange, Jake explains to Brooke that Nina had a video of her father. The video shows her father carrying a body out of the trunk one day after her mother went missing. Jake then goes on to say that Will has been using the video to black mail her father… pitting all the blame on him. Little do they know that Brooke’s father is watching the whole conversation on security tapes. He now knows Will is behind it all.
This week’s episode was focused on Emma’s relationships. She officially ends it with Will after the chaos of the sex tape leak, and finding out he only first talked to her on a dare. Things between her and Kieran take a quick and intense turn. He takes her out on a date, and surprisingly takes her to gun practice. When he pulls the gun out suddenly it is slightly jarring to Emma, but she quickly gets past it and they get down for the nasty.
The tensions between Will and Jake reached a high point. After a fight in the hallway the two guys are now at each other’s throats. As I mentioned earlier, Jake turned on Will and blamed the black mail all on him. This should be interesting in coming weeks.

maxresdefaultAlso, interesting to note this week is that some focus was placed on the teacher Brooke was banging in the beginning of the season. He seems to be a fishy guy always in the right place at the wrong time. At this point we are halfway through the season. Who do you think the killer(s) is? Do you think that there is one, or multiple? Sound off in the comments below!