I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard that MTV was remaking the iconic horror classic, ‘Scream’, I was a bit apprehensive.  As a huge fan of the original films, I was wondering how they would turn the franchise into an entertaining serialized show.  As I think in retrospect, the original Scream franchise was very much a product of MTV at the time.  The fact that MTV revived the series now makes perfect sense.  By the end of last nights nail biting finale, I was really satisfied with the outcome of the show.  The following is spoiler heavy, so If you have not caught all of the episodes, tune out now!

The premise of the show was very much in the cannon of the original ‘Scream’.  A series of murders occur in the picturesque small town of Lakewood.  The show did add an original component to the story line in the form of Brandon James.  The mythology served as the driving force behind the killer’s motive.

4Speaking of the killer, let’s talk about Piper.  I find it very interesting that they villainized the Gale Weathers character of the season.  One thing that I really give the writers props for is the fact that they gave all the characters traits that could make them the suspect.  There were times when I really didn’t know who the killer would be.  It could’ve been anyone.  The fact that Piper is the daughter of Brandon was a nice twist, especially since the second to last episode clearly framed Mr. Branson as the son.

Mr. Branson was the perfect red-herring.  During the finale, after Emma leaves the whole gang at Brooke’s party to head to the lake, there were only two absent people who could’ve been the killer.  Mr. Branson and Piper.  When Piper revealed herself and her motive, everything matched up.  I honestly wasn’t sure who the killers would be.  My money was on either Kieran or Jake… I am happy to be proved wrong.  3

The cinematography of the show was nicely done.  I think the show found a nice grove after a few episodes.  I also appreciate that they gave horror directors like Ti West a seat in the directors chair.  The final reveal sequence with Piper seemed as if it was plucked right out of a late 90’s slasher.  It nicely payed homage to the original franchise while adding new components.  This is something most remakes fail to do.  Kudos MTV.

2The level of gore for cable television has definitely risen.  The first few episodes featured death scenes that were rather lackluster.  They were quick and unoriginal, but as the series progressed, the gore and death scenes amped way up.  I’m talking to you Will and Sheriff Hudson.

Willa Fitzgerald made the perfect final girl.  Emma was a smart, savvy, and repeatable leading lady.  Even characters who I wished would die (Brooke, Jake) gained redeeming qualities come end of the season 1.  I found the acting to be on point with each character.

The bigger (and more surprising) twist occurred during the final moments of the episode when we find out that Aubrey was in fact in on the crime with Piper.  This will create an interesting dynamic come season 2.  Many other teen shows, such as, Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, fail to have their characters effected by death.  They act like nothing happened.  I just hope that the actors realistically portray people who have gone through such a traumatic incident come season 2.  It will be interesting to see how the characters interact, now that the audience knows Aubrey is part of the dark side.  What is her motive for helping Piper? Why did Aubrey attack Piper in the parking garage? What will her motive be come season 2? Is there possible a third person in on the crime? Only time will tell… and in the words of the original ‘Scream’… you gotta have a sequel!

What did you think of the season? Did you guess the killers? Slash off in the comments below!

Scream returns to MTV with new episodes 2016.