Zack Parker’s Proxy is one of the more brutal films to grace Netflix over the past few years (it’s also really good), but while it’s been out for around three years, the film is now in the news. The fake news!

You know those fake news stories that get shared around social media to further political agendas? The kind Facebook itself recently launched a feature to help combat? Well, one such story has been going around about a Muslim refugee beating a pregnant woman in Oklahoma. Fortunately, the woman pictured in the “story” (see the below graphic image) was not a real pregnant woman who had been brutalized. The image is actually a still from Proxy, showing actress Alexia Rasmussen, who played a pregnant woman in the film. The still is from a scene showing the aftermath of her fictional beating (and that’s not a spoiler as it happens very early in the film). The whole thing is a testament to the film’s FX department (James Ojala is credited).

Snopes ran a fact check on the story, which Parker himself shared on Facebook, calling the whole thing “absolute insanity.” According to Snopes, it was run as legitimate news by sites like True Trumpers and The New York Evening.

While it’s quite troubling that art is being used in this way, it’s good to know the whole thing didn’t actually happen. Props to Google for returning the Snopes fact check as the first and only result for a search on the story in Google News.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that horror entertainment imagery has been used in similar fashion. Some might remember when a similar situation occurred last year with a makeup test image from Ash vs. Evil Dead. A bloody picture featuring actress Samara Weaving was used to illustrate a bloodied Trump supporter who was falsely reported to have been beaten up by a group of liberals.

Interestingly (to me, at least), this new story comes as I’ve already had Proxy on the brain. Earlier this week, I posted a review for Kasra Farahani’s Tilt, which not only has political themes that kind of tie in to the mentality behind this fake news story, but also features Rasmussen playing a pregnant woman.

Now, go watch Proxy if you haven’t seen it (it’s no longer on Netflix though). Just buy it. It’s worth it. It’s much more than a movie about senseless brutality; I promise.