Fans of the Modern Horrors podcast know our own Luke Rodriguez and Jacob Hopkins are fans of the 2009 remake of FRIDAY THE 13TH. Well, the remake’s writers, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, also penned a sequel—THE DEATH OF JASON VOORHEES, which never made it to the silver screen. As a little Friday-the-13th treat last week, they posted to Twitter the sequel’s opening scene that has Jason finally wearing his iconic hockey mask at the appropriate time.

The script has two characters, Ed and Tim, playing hockey on a frozen Crystal Lake. The writers have Jason emerging from a trap door in the snow and then hacking Ed in the back with his iconic machete. Red blood pools onto the white snow and ice. This sends Tim running for his life.

The script also addresses the fate of Whitney Miller from the 2009 remake, who Jason dragged into the water after he appeared to be dead. The remake left Whitney’s fate unknown, but in the script, Ed is startled by a frozen body under the ice, which just so happens to be Whitney.

Shannon and Swift posted a follow-up tweet saying only the opening scene was set during winter because of budget constraints. Damn budgets, getting in the way. THE DEATH OF JASON VOORHEES could have been a pinnacle in the franchise, especially if the budget was there to film during winter. Image the sweet visuals with all that blood against the white snow.

You can check out their original tweet here and read the script pages yourself.