Always is everything.

The story of immigrant resilience is rendered nightmarish in Eric Mainade and The Meza Brothers’ Sundance hit, Boniato. The title is anything but arbitrary: boniato literally translates to a type of a white-colored root crop with little distinguishable flavor (although, thanks to Google, I learnt boniatos make great desserts). And it just so happens that the film’s protagonist, a resilient young woman named Elisia, who, as an illegal migrant worker, has grown tired of picking up crops and wishes to find a better-paying job.

A fateful ride home drags Elisia down in depths where feral creatures take their game and gnaw at human viscera. A mysterious drifter finds his way to where said creatures dwell. As Elisia and the drifter cross paths, a delightful delirium begins, replete with blood tears, throat-shanking, and quite possibly one of the scariest uses of the song “Part Of Your World” in recent cinema.

You can watch Boniato in full below after the jump.

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An illegal migrant worker decides it’s time to move on from picking crops and find her father. Little does she know, insidious supernatural forces have a different plan for her. Some borders aren’t meant to be crossed.