If you haven’t subscribed to Shudder, rectify that right now. We’ll wait. Last year, the horror streaming service delivered some smashing genre hits ranging from Mandy and Revenge to Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. They even released a documentary—Horror Noire.

After a smashing year, Shudder isn’t slowing down with releasing original content and acquiring some killer Shudder Exclusives. Through June, Shudder will release five movies: Boar, Lizzie, The Night Shifter, Monster Party, and The Ranger. Check out the details, below.

Lizzie — April 11 (US/Canada)

Lizzie stars Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart in this retelling of the notorious 1892 axe murder of the Borden Family. The movie takes a psychological look at Lizzie Borden. 

Monster Party — April 25 (US/Canada)

Monster Party follows would-be crooks pretending to be caterers for a fancy dinner party at an extravagant mansion. However, things go wrong when they discover the family and their guests are a support group for recovering serial killers. 

The Ranger — May 9 (US/Canada/UK)

The Ranger, from director Jenn Wexler, has a group of punk teens running from the police only to be terrorized by a lone park ranger. 

The Night Shifter — May 23 (US/Canada/UK)

The Night Shifter follows a Stênio, who works the graveyard shift at the morgue. He’s never alone though—he can talk to the dead, and they all back. 

Boar — June 6 (US/Canada/UK)

Boar is a creature-feature where a monstrous boar roams the outskirts of an outback town. It massacres some locals and unfortunate backpackers. Bernie, visiting family, soon comes face to face with the beast.  

Oh, and The last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs returns March 29.