This fall, Shudder brings home a remake of the 1986 classic Woman’s Wail. Described as elegant horror with funhouse chills, The Wrath comes to the streaming service September 5, 2019 as a Shudder Original. The trailer offers up an eerie, supernatural period piece set in medieval Korea.

The second film from Yoo Young-seon (The Wicked) promises “shamanic prophecies, vengeful ghosts and vampiric possessions.” The Wrath stars Seo Young-hee (The Chaser, Bedeviled) and K-pop star Son Na-eun. Check out the trailer below, and be sure to tune in to Shudder this September to see what’s in store!

Plot Synopsis

In this supernatural creeper set in 14th century Korea, a curse is killing the sons of the kingdom’s highest-ranking official. When the final son dies, his pregnant widow, Ok-bun, must face vicious family politics and the vengeful spirit descending on the household.