Color us not surprised, but definitely excited for the news SHUDDER has unveiled its book of original genre programming, beginning with a horror documentary from the Director of The Shining homage, Room 237, Robert Ascher. Described as “the diabolical new streaming service devoted exclusively to things that go bump in the night” Shudder has offered fans a growing and ghoulish library of horror films from around the world and across the decades since its 2015 start.

Launching June 8th, the exclusive Shudder doc, Primal Screen will see Ascher and crew explore how we’re simultaneously attracted to and repelled by what scares us most. With his previous films, 237 and The Nightmare, Asher has proven talented at laying what’s creepy bare. Primal Screen promises to do more of the same, exploring the pop-culture artifacts that traumatize the young and the ensuing effects those terrors had on the lives of real people. I wonder if “creating websites and podcasts” will be covered? Whether they are or aren’t, creator/director Asher has us excited: “Fear, obsession and people’s attempts to understand these things are a particular focus of mine” explains Asher, sharing how Shudder was “a fantastic partner” giving him the “freedom to dive deep into this new rabbit hole“.

Also on the SHUDDER menu is a slate of genre series and thrillers, including one from Wonder Woman Director, Patty Jenkins. These new features will be sure to compliment Shudder’s already extensive catalog of scares. If you haven’t already, you can dig into Shudder for yourself here. For now, grip your teddy bear and fix your eyes on our snapshot of the shocks Shudder has in store:

In the heart of gangland Los Angeles, a gruesome discovery sparks a frenetic Homicide investigation; but underneath the surface lurks a darkness that leads to the end of days. From by Sam Sheridan (former MMA fighter and Author of A FIGHTER’S HEART and THE DISASTER DIARIES) with Patty Jenkins attached.
DEADWAX – A short form series about the hunt for a mysterious record that drives its owners mad… and kills anyone who dares to play it. From Graham Reznick, co-writer of Until Dawn and director of I Can See You.
A woman treks to find the father of her unborn child, while navigating a world where blonde haired women could turn into rabid monsters at any moment. Based on the novel by Emily Schultz and executive Produced by J. Todd Harris, Marc Marcum and Branded Entertainment.
A serial killer series loosely based on Ted Bundy and his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, written and directed by Arkasha Stevenson (Pineapple).