The most fun you’ll have being scared continues to shock as Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, announces even more details about this year’s continuation of the 80’s classic, Creepshow. Originally written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, the show returns to the world of modern horror with all new scares, today’s most valued storytellers, and now even more familiar faces.

The Re-Animator himself, Jeffrey Combs has joined the anthology’s cast, as well as Bruce Davison (X-Men), DJ Qualls (Supernatural), and Grammy winners Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) and Big Boi (Antwan Patton). Combs and Cudi will both star in Rob Schrab’s “Bad Wolf Down”, Davison will star in John Esposito and John Harrison’s “Night of the Paw”, Qualls will star in the most recently announced segment “The Finger” by David J. Schow and Greg Nicotero, and Big Boi will be featured in Christopher Buehlman and Dave Bruckner’s “The Man in the Suitcase”.

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All join the previously announced star-studded cast including Adrienne Barbeau of original Creepshow fame, Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), David Arquette (Scream), Tobin Bell (Saw), Tricia Helfer (Lucifer), and Dana Gould (Stan Against Evil).

Below you’ll find a quick guide to the 12 segments that will make up Creepshow’s six-episode season with all of the exciting details we know so far:

“All Hallows Eve”  

Written by Bruce Jones and Directed by John Harrison

Synopsis: Even then they’re a little too old, this group of friends still want to trick-or-treat, but getting candy isn’t all they are looking for.

“Bad Wolf Down”

Written and Directed by Rob Schrab

Synopsis: A group of American soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines during World War II, finds an unconventional way to even the odds.

“By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain”

Story by Joe Hill, Adapted by Jason Ciaramella and Directed by Tom Savini

Synopsis: Her dad died looking for the monster living at the bottom of Lake Champlain, and now, will she?

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“The Companion”

Story by Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale and Keith Lansdale, Adapted by Matt Venne and Directed by Dave Bruckner (The Ritual)

Synopsis: A young boy, bullied by his older brother, sneaks into an abandoned farm that is protected by a supernatural force.

The Finger

Written by David J. Schow (The Crow) and Directed by Greg Nicotero

Synopsis: An unhappy man discovers a severed, inhuman appendage on the street and brings it home, where it grows into a loyal companion with some deadly quirks.

“Gray Matter”

Story by Stephen King, Adapted by Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi and Directed by Greg Nicotero

Synopsis: Doc and Chief, two old-timers in a small, dying town, brave a storm to check on Richie, an alcoholic single father, after encountering his terrified son at the local convenience store. The story, first published in 1973, is part of King’s best-selling 1978 collection, Night Shift.

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“The House of the Head”  

Written by Josh Malerman (Bird Box) and Directed by John Harrison

Synopsis: Evie discovers her new dollhouse might be haunted.

“Lydia Layne’s Better Half”  

Story by John Harrison and Greg Nicotero, Adapted by John Harrison and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Body at Brighton Rock)

Synopsis: A powerful woman denies a promotion to her protégée and lover but fails to anticipate the fallout.

“The Man in the Suitcase”  

Written by Christopher Buehlman and Directed by Dave Bruckner (The Ritual)

Synopsis: A college student brings the wrong bag home from the airport only to find a pretzeled man trapped inside, afflicted by a strange condition that turns his pain into gold.

“Night of the Paw”

Written by John Esposito and Directed by John Harrison

Synopsis: A lonely mortician finds company in the ultimate  ‘be careful what you wish for’ story.

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Written by Paul Dini and Stephen Langford and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin

Synopsis: A man considers a miraculous new treatment for weight loss that turns out to have unexpected complications.

“Times is Tough in Musky Holler”

Written by John Skipp and Dori Miller (based on their short story) and Directed by John Harrison

Synopsis: Leaders who once controlled a town through fear and intimidation get a taste of their own medicine.

Though there is no set release date yet, Creepshow will premiere on Shudder later this year.