Well, this looks fun...

It’s easy to look at something like the PS4-exclusive title Until Dawn and think that horror gaming doesn’t get any better (from a narrative standpoint). When you consider the evolution of the genre in gaming, it’s impossible to ignore how far we’ve come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from our often-troubled (and hilarious) past.

Developer Blue Wizard Digital is taking us back to the future with their “gruesome tribute to 80s slasher flicks” in SLAYAWAY CAMP. While you may be inclined to instantly compare it to Minecraft due to the playful, blocky character sprites; this is something more–and better. I mean, they even got a metal band to write an original song and shoot an in-game VHS music video for the project. That’s some straight up Dream Warriors type shit, and I can dig it.

SLAYAWAY CAMP is all about scaring hapless teenagers into hilarious spike traps, crushing them with fridges and outhouses, or slicing them into bits and pieces with your trusty, rusty chainsaw! The game will be coming to iOS and Android this summer, but the team is currently on the lookout specifically for iOS players interested in the puzzle genre who want to put on their Skull Face masks and try Slayaway Camp for themselves! You can sign up for the Closed Beta at the official website. Otherwise, check out the official (music video) trailer, plot synopsis, and stills below.

Game Features:

  • Hit underground synth metal soundtrack by GNÜ TRUNTION
  • Patented Raster-Vox GORE Physics™ Technology
  • Slide ‘n Slay Mechanics
  • Brain-Bending Puzzle Designs
  • Boss Mode (in case your boss wants to see what you’re doing)
  • Mewling Infant Mode (removes all offensive content)
  • Unlockable Killers Reminiscent (within legal boundaries) of 80’s Slasher Video Classics
  • Super Ultra Mega Kill Animations of Death
  • Interactive Touch Screen Menus

The mysterious S’lay’a Way tribe (pronunciation: SLAW-ah-weh) once roamed the forests and mountains of this dark region of western Cubetonia. Today their legacy is all but forgotten, and a modern youth camp sits atop their ancient burial site.

But never mind all that. In 1983, on Thursday the 12th, an innocent camp prank went terribly wrong. And now, one year later, the hideously disfigured victim has returned to take his gruesome revenge…

Experience a new dimension of gut-blasting terror as an unspeakable killing force of skull-faced killing maims and kills his way through smart-mouthed, over-sexed, substance-abusing young adults. No teenager is safe… no law enforcement enforces the law enough… and no animals are harmed… in the summer horror blockbuster smash hit of 1984: SLAYAWAY CAMP

Slayaway Camp Banner