With so many options out there, it can be tough to zero in on good horror.  Slice, the seven part webseries written and directed by Daniel Ferry and starring femme fatale Marzy Hart is what you are looking for, trust me.  The series is sexy, gory, thrilling and fun; everything you need from good horror.  Check out the trailer below then move to their official YouTube page to watch the whole series!

Lily Drover lives a practical life in a city of millennial dreamers. But secretly, she battles an addiction that turns her mundane existence into a twisted, murder spree. In each episode, she lures an unsuspecting victim into her dark world where a SLICE of pleasure ends the ecstasy, but adds to the puzzle of Lily that investigators are beginning to discover.

Slice Poster

To check out the entire series visit Slice The Series on Youtube and spread the word!