You might recall our excitement months ago when we shared a teaser for an upcoming contemporary Spanish slasher. Now, that film is currently in post-production and well on its way to completion, and we have the official trailer to celebrate.

Marking the debut of director Marc Martinez Jordan, Framed is the first film under executive producer Marc Carreté’s (Asmodexia) Creatures of the Dark label. The film stars Joe Manjon, Àlex Maruny, Clàudia Pons, Júlia Molins, Enric Auquer, Biel Montoro, and Daniel Horvath. In addition, the feature is the debut of the actress Lídia Casanova and has the special collaboration of Pep Sais and Merce Montalà.

The trailer, below, looks absolutely intense.  With the film currently in post-production, Carreté expects the completed film to enter into the film festival circuit early next year.

Plot Synopsis:

Framed is the social network of the moment. It broadcasts streaming videos from any mobile device. Thousands of users around the world are competing to get the maximum number of viewers and increase their visibility. There are no standards or censorship and broadcast content become increasingly violent and controversial. Álex (Joe Manjón) is moving to Berlin to find new beginning. His sister Claudia (Clàudia Pons) shows up at the farewell party that his friends are throwing. During the party which is held at one of the friends place, the group is savagely attacked by three individuals, led by a psychopath (Àlex Maruny) who aims to achieve the widest possible audience subjecting young people to very cruel games and unusual tortures.