Nevermore Productions and director Justin M. Seaman unleashed a monsoon of 80s mania upon the internet with The Barn, a retro looking 80s throwback, almost a year ago with its debut trailer. We even got the scoop with a pair of exclusive interviews with Justin M.Seaman and composer Rocky Grey, but then news regarding the film slowed to a trickle. Well friends, looks like the drought is over, and you can get excited again.

The folks behind The Barn have recently released a brand new trailer for the film, and you can check it out right here, right now. Personally, I’m still torn on this one. I love the retro vibe, but I get the feeling that it’ll be amazing – or terrible – with very little middle ground in between. Here’s to hoping it lives up to its charm!

We’ll keep you posted as additional info comes our way.

Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam and Josh are trying to enjoy what’s left of their final Devil’s Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of friends take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an old abandoned barn and awakening the evil inside. Now it’s up to Sam and Josh to find a way to protect their friends and defeat the creatures that lurk within “The Barn”.