Netflix has begun rolling out their ‘Netflix & Chills’ original content and one of the “Coming Soon” films to catch my eye is Vampires Vs The Bronx. There is currently no trailer but the stills are reminiscent of classic vampire movies like The Lost Boys crossed with slick, modern flicks like Blade. It’s probably not crazy to expect some comedy, with Lorne Michaels producing and Director Oz Rodriguez’s previous work on Saturday Night Live and A.P. Bio. Additionally, SNL’s Chris Redd is among the cast. I also look forward to seeing Method Man, who by the looks of things, might be playing a priest!

Rated PG-13 means we might not get all the gore we’d like, but I think its nice when a movie where kids are doing the hero work can actually be watched by kids.

Vampires Vs The Bronx will be available on Netflix October 2, 2020.

A group of young friends from the Bronx fight to save their neighborhood from a band of vampires.