We’ve heard time and time again of horror movies being based on true events. It’s a trope, a tad cliché, and used more often than it should. However, STRANGE NATURE, the latest movie from special-effects expert Jim Ojala (THOR, 2012, TRON: LEGACY, THE CORE), takes the very-real mutations of frogs found in a Minnesota pond in 1995 and turns it into an ecological horror movie.

STRANGE NATURE follows the discovery of frogs with strange, unexplainable mutations that then spread to humans causing all the terror and havoc you’d expect from an eco-thriller. STRANGE NATURE stars Stephen Tobolowsky (MISSISSIPPI BURNING, MOMENTO, SPACEBALLS) Carlos Alazraqui (ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE, PLANES, HAPPY FEET) and Lisa Sheridan (INVASION, THE 4400).

You can check out the movie’s website for more information about the ecological mystery, including Dateline interviews from when the mutations were discovered. STRANGE NATURE does not have a release date yet.

The story examines how a small Midwestern town copes with the deadly malformations when they move beyond the ponds.