Netflix just shared a tease for tomorrow’s trailer and it’s a killer.

Paying homage to what many call the first Slasher film, STRANGER THINGS Season Two just released a teaser for its final full trailer, airing tomorrow, Friday the 13th. The short features an ominous countdown to 13, the approaching dread of Psycho’s violin pull, and of course the Ch-Ch-Ch from Jason’s 1980 debut. Brilliant.

Fans caught the first full trailer at the San Diego Comic Con in July. Since then, hype has been building for the next season of STRANGER THINGS, debuting October 27th on Netflix. Without giving away spoilers, I can say season one left millions of us enthralled, but full of questions: What happened to Eleven? What exactly is the Upside Down? Are there more Demogorgons? And what in the hell was coughed up in that bathroom?

Tomorrow isn’t far away, so keep watch for the full STRANGER THINGS Season Two trailer. For now, grab your favorite machete and press play.