Sometimes even Monsters have to hide.

News recently broke that SyFy is developing a series based on the 1988 Horror novella Cabal by Clive Barker. For fans of 90s Horror, the series is a welcome revisit to a unique tale that was made into the noteworthy 1990 feature, NIGHTBREED.

The story concerns a mental patient who, believing he’s responsible for a series of murders, goes searching for a mythical city called Midian where monsters go to live and die. When he finds the all-too-real city, he enters a hidden world of persecuted real-life monsters, who must live, hide and feed among us. It’s a timely return for the story of NIGHTBREED, given today’s political climate where the marginalized fight for space in a divided and heated cultural landscape.

The 1990 adaptation was written and directed by Barker and starred Craig Sheffer (SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL) and Director/Actor David Cronenberg (THE FLY, DEAD RINGERS).

Syfy’s version is written by Josh Stolberg (PIRANHA, JIGSAW) and will be produced by Morgan Creek Entertainment and Universal.

Until it escapes, we’ll keep you updated with news. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out NIGHTBREED before, why not stay in one night with either the original novella or the 90s film.