It’s never too early to start screaming.

Season two of SyFy’s CHANNEL ZERO has come to a close and we’re already hit with a scary teaser for Season three. Called one of the scariest shows out there these days, CHANNEL ZERO has thrilled viewers with its creepy slow-burn television and seems to have a solid run with SyFy.

Each six-episode season is based on a Creepypasta story, with Season One delving into the child-horrors of Candle Cove and Season Two featuring a chilling house from nowhere, called No-End House. The series is executive-produced by Nick Antosca, who previously wrote for TV’s Hannibal and Teen Wolf.

For Season Three, CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK will get inspiration from writer, Kerry Hammond’s Creepypasta short, Search and Rescue Woods. Her story is narrated by a Search & Rescue Officer who recalls stories of supernatural happenings and disappearances, seemingly related to mysterious staircases in the middle of the woods.

This season will star Brandon Scott (BLAIR WITCH), Holland Roden (TEEN WOLF) and everyone’s favorite Replicant, Rutger Hauer (BLADE RUNNER, THE HITCHER).

Turn up your volume and enjoy the teaser below. Dinner will be served in early 2018.

Alice moves to a new city, where she learns about a series of disappearances, all revolving around mysterious staircases that appear in some of the worst neighborhoods. She teams with her schizophrenic older sister, Zoe, and a retired journalist to uncover the truth about what is going on.