Modern Horrors first whet your appetite last fall, but now Syfy has dropped a trailer for the third season of their very creepy series, CHANNEL ZERO. This one will be called BUTCHER’S BLOCK.

Starring HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and BLADE RUNNER‘s Rutger Hauer as a sort of strange cult leader able to “Fix you,” the trailer teases some kind of secret familial cannibalism sure to make your television screen very messy.

For those of you hungry for some background, CHANNEL ZERO is a six-episode series, with each season based on a Creepypasta story. Season One zeroed in on child nightmares made real with Candle Cove. Season Two had a mysterious house and an even more mysterious Father figure in No-End House. Nick Antosca, who previously wrote for TV’s Hannibal and Teen Wolf, produces the show.

For the new season, CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER’S BLOCK steals its inspiration from writer, Kerry Hammond’s Creepypasta short, Search and Rescue Woods. That story is narrated by a Search & Rescue Officer who tells of supernatural disappearances in a very strange section of forest.

Bite into the trailer below, or for an even larger appetizer, check out a tasty scene here.

Alice Woods and her schizophrenic sister Zoe have moved to a small town to start over. Alice lives in constant fear of inheriting Zoe’s illness. On the outskirts of town lies Butcher’s Block, a hellish neighborhood where junkies roam and lawlessness abounds. It is here the sisters encounter Joseph Peach and his eerily charismatic family. The Peach’s are not your ordinary family; they live above the Butcher’s Block in a dimension that is dark utopia. They offer the sisters a place at their table with promise of a world without worry and without illness. The sisters soon find that the cost of living the good life comes at an unimaginable price and there is a fine line between escaping insanity and embracing true madness.