When a “man at a gas station” suggests you visit a Haunted House, I suggest you make a U-turn.

I’ve never heard of a film being co-produced with a well-known Halloween attraction, but now that I have, I think it’s genius. I can just imagine the pre-production meeting: Location? Check. Extras? Check. Great Costumes? You bet. Let’s hope TALON FALLS, the new indie shocker from Terror Films, lives up to the insanity. If the blood-soaked trailer is any indication of what’s in store, I’m ready to check in.

Think about it: Independent Halloween theme-parks located on a stretch of lonely highway are only independent Halloween theme-parks because it says so on the sign. But what if that sign was written in blood? TALON FALLS seems to answer that question, with screams.

Written and directed by Joshua Shreve, the film stars Morgan Wiggins, Ryan Rudolph, Jordyn Rudolph and Brad Bell. The co-producer in question is Talon Falls Screampark located in Melber, Kentucky. Since 1999, Talon Falls ticket-holders have been grasping each other through hundreds of outdoor mazes, with this year showcasing The Beast, Sinister Circus 3D and Blood Creek Hayride.

The screaming starts appropriately enough on Friday, October 13th, when Terror Films releases TALON FALLS on multiple VOD platforms. In fact, if you’re in the Kentucky area, the first fifty visitors to Talon Falls Screampark earn a free iTunes digital download.

Check out the trailer below. If you’re like me, you’ll want the trailer’s voice-over actor to record your next voicemail greeting, because after hearing his grisly vocals no one will ever call you again. Enjoy.

This sinister tale follows a group of teenagers as they visit a Halloween Horror Theme Park, featuring gruesome exhibits, whose hosts are dressed to the ‘horror nines.’ The friends soon discover that the hyper realistic staged scares they are witnessing are very real and being performed on innocent victims, by a clan of murderous lunatics that inhabit the park. They must quickly figure a way out before they become the next live torture attraction.