TEMPUS TORMENTUM, the latest offering from Terror Films, hits VOD platforms today. The movie, written and directed by James Rewucki, follows a drifter who’s tormented by three masked psychopaths – Clown, Devil, and Slashmouth – in a sadistic game of cat and mouse.

The drifter is injected with a strange substance and is then followed around town by the masked induvial who torment him for their pleasure. There’s just something fun about TEMPUS TORMENTUM that’s exciting.

The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and XBox Live today. More platforms will follow along with a DVD release at a later date.  TEMPUS TORMENTUM stars Virine Bahadoosingh, Dan Grapko, and Marc Greene.

A drifter passing through a small town is drugged by three masked psychopaths and forced into a bizarre game of cat and mouse. He is chased through a series of more and more bizarre events until, in the end, he finds that this evening of terror has lasting consequences. It’s a feel-bad film, nasty and brutish, red in tooth and claw.