We’ve this premise before: A family moves to a new home after some tragic and traumatic event only to find out their house or neighborhood isn’t exactly brochure-appropriate. It’s a trope endlessly recycled as an easy way to put characters into mysterious situations to drum up the suspense and horror. THE CRESCENT, however, feels wholly different than other such films. 

The trailer doesn’t resort to unnecessary jump scares to get your adrenaline pumping. Instead, there’s an underlying sense of dread that slowly builds throughout accompanied by a building, screeching score. You don’t need loud music and a flock of birds to make your audience scared. 

THE CRESCENT is written by Darcy Spidle and is directed by Seth A. Smith. The movie stars Amy Trefry, Britt Loder, Woodrow Graves, and Terrance Murray. 

THE CRESCENT hits theaters August 10 before hitting iTunes and other VOD services Sept. 4.

After an unexpected death in the family, a mother and son struggle to find spiritual healing at a beachfront summer home.