Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the popcorn action vibe of the recent Purge installments, but I can’t help but wish the franchise would rely on its Horror roots a little more. And as much as I commend the filmmakers for taking a political stance, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the reds and blues and simply focus on the chaos of a nation gone awry. That’s exactly what THE DOMESTICS seems to be doing. 

THE DOMESTICS just made its world premiere at the 2018 Cinepocalypse, but you won’t have to wait long to check this one out for yourself. Orion Classics is releasing the film in select theaters on June 28th and digital platforms on June 29th. We’ll have a full review in the near future. Until then, check out the nail-biting trailer below:

In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world inhabited by murderous gangs divided into deadly factions, a husband and wife race desperately across the lawless countryside in search of safety and must work together as they are pushed to the breaking point in order to survive.