Everyone loves Found Footage, right?

In what appears to be an uber-creepy mashup of Unfriended, Paranormal Activity, and The Ring – The Entity follows a group of students that discover a terrifying “reaction video” on the internet. Apparently this discovery leads them to the very darkest corners of the Dark Web… and shit gets real. Being a person that has spent many hours on the actual Dark Web, I can vouch for the craziness that one can stumble upon. That said, I haven’t come across any killer viral videos… yet. But hey, here’s to hoping.

Yes – The Entity is Found Footage, but check out the trailer below and tell me you aren’t slightly impressed by some of the imagery. The film is hitting VOD/DVD in the UK on October 12th. We’ll keep you posted on US release news as it comes our way.

A group of students discover a terrifying “reaction video” on the internet. Their search to discover the whereabouts of the video reveal an obscure corner of cyberspace known as the Dark Web where a curse brings death to all who witness the video.