The latest casting news for the much anticipated new Evil Dead series set to air on the Starz network is that Lucy Lawless famous for being Xena: Warrior Princess (seriously, will she ever escape that series?) is joining the show as a character named Ruby who blames Ash for the Deadite problem infesting the land.  Does that sound familiar?  I’m sure there will be plenty of physical comedy between the two and why not?  Both are both old pros and don’t forget that Lawless is married to Rob Tapert who produced Spartacus and Xena so Campbell and her are familiar.

Make sure you catch our previous coverage of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead here and sound off below in the comments, are you excited for the new Evil Dead series or bummed that you have to pay for another channel?  Do you think they should have made another remake sequel or are you glad the original man with one hand is back?