Fred Durst’s latest directorial effort, The Fanatic, wasn’t exactly met with open arms by the horror community. That said, I found that beyond all of the silly memes and scathing reviews was a pretty entertaining (and often unintentionally comedic) little film. As it turns out, though, perhaps the script isn’t as absurd as it seems.

Devon Sawa, who co-starred in the film alongside an all-in John Travolta, recently took to Twitter to share that he has received a letter from an actual fanatic—not unlike Moose, Travolta’s character and focal point of The Fanatic. As they say, though, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Sawa’s tweet has now received over 600 comments, and while many of them were quick to call “hoax,” others went the extra mile to research the name left by the author of the ominous letter. Turns out, she’s real. Not only that, but she has quite the history with the legal system. Chances are slim that she’s going to show up to the Sawa residence in a hockey mask, but still. Creepy stuff.

It’s all good, though. The author is quick to call out that she isn’t a stalker, but as one commenter put it: “If you have to say that you’re not a stalker then chances are, you are a stalker”.