Short films are becoming more and more important in today’s landscape of modern horror. They give us a peak at what a filmmaker is capable of, and if done correctly,can leave us salivating and wanting more.Regardless of what the title may reminiscent of, The Full Walrus is not 50 minutes of Michael Parks spooning a dude in a walrus suit. It’s actually far more sinister…and way more entertaining.

At a run time just shy of 15 minutes, writer/director Jason A. Wallace is able to create a dark and twisted underground scene. A scene where a number of surprisingly attractive young women all seem to share a common…hobby…of sorts. And while we are only able to peak inside this world for a short while, Wallace hits short film pay dirt by leaving this reviewer wanting more. There’s no doubt that this guy is ready to move into features.

Sure, the audio is a little “tingy” and overbearing in the beginning, and some performances are certainly stronger than others – but these imperfections are small in scope, and in no way detract from the bigger picture. The entire thing would feel right at home in a Tales from the Crypt reboot, and as far as i’m concerned, that’s one hell of a compliment.

We hear that Wallace will be launching a Kickstarter at the end of July for Ice Cream Man; a film that has been called “a 90 minute Twilight Zone of a script“, and what Wallace himself says is tonally similar to 2015 success story It Follows. So yeah, sign us up for that one too! It’s always exciting to find new talent in the horror industry, so do yourself a favor and be sure to check out The Full Walrus once it becomes publicly available.

Until then, Check out the trailer for The Full Walrus below, chat with filmmaker Jason Wallace onTwitter and like the film on Facebook.

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