There wasn’t a lot going on this week but that didn’t stop us from putting together a show, and as the name implies, a sexy one to boot. Gird your loins for a good time and let the sweet sounds of episode 144 flow over you.

We start off with a foreign trailer for an American film starring Topher Grace. DELIRIUM doesn’t look to do anything new, but when you can’t understand the trailer you really can’t tell. In what comes as no surprise to anyone with a pulse, ANNABELLE 3 has been confirmed for 2019. Looking to cash in on the cinematic universe trend, Sony plans on creating their own around famed exorcist Father Amorth. Opinions and wild speculation follow. And finally, we stick with possessions to check out THE INHABITANTS. Imagine DON’T BEATHE meets THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET.

Round two we’re giving you a dose of that occasional bonus action. TWO reviews. First on the docket is a very interesting film coming out of Israel. FAMILY is strange and beautiful, but is it horror? Next we give an official review of the long-awaited, and often mentioned, REVENGE. You probably know we like it, but find out why exactly. To round out the show, we invite Chad to yell into our mics from afar for a hilarious game of TWO GUYS ONE CUP (well, three this time).

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