The podcast is back and it’s twice as big. Literally. We welcome Trev and Chad to the show for a massive comeback episode.

First up is the new Michael Myers mask from the upcoming HALLOWEEN film. Carey Elwes and Jake Busey join the cast of STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3. No surprise to anyone, Paramount is making moves for a sequel to the blockbuster A QUIET PLACE. In trailer news we start off internationally with French film THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD, and then jaunt over to Spain and check out FORWARDTERRIFIED takes us to Brazil where the ghost are out for blood. Literally. Finally we discuss MARY SHELLEY which looks to romanticize the life of the horror legend.

Round 2 the four (well, three) of us weigh in on IFC Midnight’s latest, WILDLING. Afterwards we break into teams to compete in a brutal game of CINEMA CENIPEDE. Who will win? Luke and Jacob, or will Trev and Chad embarrass the hosts on their own show.

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