It’s another 2 hour episode for those asses! We’re joined by staff writer and legal expert Patrick Anderson who not only updates us on the latest legal battle regarding FRIDAY THE 13TH as well bringing us a new game!

The news feed starts off with a plethora of trailers. We get ourselves a mail order bride which we might regret after seeing THE RUSSIAN BRIDEBOOGEYMAN POP has a lot of style and we’re not the only ones to notice. Speaking of style, Lars Von Trier has a very particular one which is most likely on full display with HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. It’s not really in our genre, but THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS look to be a really good time. The casting for IT CHAPTER 2 is shaping up to match, or even surpass, the success of the first summer hit. And finally, we have ANOTHER release date announcement for THE ENDLESS.

For a review, we’re heading to the land down under to check out Netflix’s latest acquisition CARGO. Martin Freeman has been everywhere the last two years, but is he enough to carry this take on the zombie genre. We follow this up by having an amazing legal conversation with Patrick around the latest drama with Vic Miller and FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Afterwards, Patrick drops a new game on us and the results are… messy. It’s all a good time on episode 148. What are you waiting for? Tune in now!