It seems like every other week of 2018 tries to keep us from doing the podcast. Fear not, we persevere!

In a twist of good faith, the delay in recording gave us plenty to talk about where there was nothing just two days earlier. We start the trailer talk with THE PREDATOR, followed by THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW. Heading to the weirdest party in Belgium, MEMENTO MORI is full of drugs, drinks, and weird sex. ASSASSINATION NATION throws every perceivable trigger warning at you, but will it be all hype? THE DOMESTICS are coming to play in a wild post-apocalyptic world, and Nic Cage gets gritty in a heavy-metal, fantasy-fueled, ax-wielding horror-filled world that is MANDY. Definitely buckle up for that one.

Round 2 is yet again another Indonesian mega-hit. SATAN’S SLAVES broke records and is making a splash on the festival circuit. Is it hype or horrific?

The show closes out with a quick round of #AskModernHorrors. You had questions, so we give you answers. All of that plus a few extras on episode of 152 of the best damn horror podcast!