Episode 153 is doubling up the host and adding 100% more virgin blood to the mix. We welcome Jenn and Todd of The Horror Virgin podcast to the network (we missed Clint, but he is not forgotten) and throw them straight into the fire. You’re going to love what they bring to the table.

The news opens up with a powerful trailer for Tom Botchii’s ARTIK. This thing has legs (and spikes in legs). Genre legend Barbra Crampton is up to something sinister in DEAD NIGHT, while Ray Stevenson wages war against fish people in COLD SKIN. Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement are bringing their brand of comedy back to the genre with WELLINGTON PARANORMAL, and we hope Ryan Prowe is doing the same with his latest project titled NIGHT PATROL. Last but not least, is Jason Blum looking to deliver GET OUT 2? He just might.

Round 2, all four weigh in on the post-apocalyptic thrill ride that is THE DOMESTICS. Sure, there are going to be a lot of comparisons to THE PURGE, but this stands on its own. After that, it’s game time! MH versus HV. Can horror powerhouse Jenn overcome being handicapped by genre newcomer Todd, or will Luke and Jacob persevere despite their goldfish-memories? When the bright lights are on, who knows what can happen. It’s an entertaining ride, right here on your favorite horror podcast network.