Look, it was a strange and somewhat disappointing weekend. As is the true MH way, nothing went according to plan. So we did the only thing we know how to do, which is get back in the studio. And damn if it wasn’t fun.

Some loyalties never die, and the cult of Chucky is letting its feelings be known about the CHILD’S PLAY reboot. In ‘things that may not need sequels but they’re getting one anyways’, THE GALLOWS ACT 2 is on its way as is the initial stages of A QUIET PLACE‘s sequel. Some gnarly dismemberment is happening in the trailer for LIFECHANGER, but we’re not exactly keen on why (though we have our theories). THE APPEARANCE has already been labeled ‘some Jacob Hopkins shit’ but surprisingly has Luke’s attention, while DARKNESS REIGNS flaunts some amazing creature designs in a very strange found footage setup. Also a press release about a future press release. Not even kidding.

Instead of a review this week, we dive into what has been the best, the worst (most disappointing really) and biggest surprises of 2018 so far. We each give our opinions as well as share a few from our social media pages. Are you #Calibrated?

Round 3 is Cinema Centipede. Wouldn’t you know, it has its fair share of controversy. Rock, paper, and scissors will fall and IMDb pages will fly in the race to 3 points. So crank it to 11 and share this bad boy with a friend!