Sure, it sounds ridiculous that we would blame missing a week on the SWAT team, but we swear it’s true. Only MH could have such insane luck.

In news that feels like a decade in the making, ZOMBIELAND 2 is actually official! Genre powerhouse Shudder is developing a CREEPSHOW series. Everyone’s favorite possessed doll is headed back to the Warren’s in ANNABELLE 3. The zombie wave keeps flowing with World War 2 action-packed OVERLORD and PATIENT ZERO, which looks to bring a fresh take. SYFY continues to prove that they are so much more than SHARKNADO with their latest NIGHTFLYERS. In a tale of two trailers, GODZILLA bores with some strange choices while CASTLE ROCK has us wishing we were able to nerd-out a bit more. Finally, we drop a bit of info around MALEVOLENCE 3. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Our review for this week is 14 CAMERAS, the sequel to a film that no one was clamoring for. Surprisingly, there is a lot to unpack here. We even drop some suggestions on how to round out a trilogy. The show closes out with a couple of #ASKMODERNHORRORS. If you have questions you want answered on a future show, make sure to use that hashtag on social media.

Make sure to check out Jeremy Simser’s site and pick yourself up some sweet artwork. You want regret it!