After a lengthy hiatus, the boys are back! It’s new, debatably improved, and longer than ever. Go ahead and insert your jokes here, you animals. Also, we call it 155 in the episode but we realize it’s actually 156. Accuracy is not our strong suit.

Even though we’re trying out a new format, we’ve still got your usual news feed. This bad boy was long enough to an episode all by itself, so don’t expect a detailed rundown. Here’s a quick list of some of the highlights: POLAROIDDRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHTFREAKSGOODNIGHT MOMMY remake, CHANGELING remake, CANDYMAN remake, BAD TIMES AT EL ROYALERAMPANTHOLD THE DARKHOUSEWIFEKILLER KATESLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ, and a metric shit ton more.

Could there possibly be more? You bet your ass there’s more. We weigh in on SLICEARIZONAPLEDGEPUPPET MASTER, a smattering of Netflix offerings, and episode one of THE PURGE television series. It’s an episode for the ages, so yeah, we’re thinking we’re back.