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Sure, we’re still 16 days away from Christmas, but we were feeling oddly festive this week. We’ll be taking on the KRAMPUS with a full blown review, talking about The Strangers 2, coming to grips with the recent influx of enlarged animal genitalia in horror, mulling over the new indie-horror game Emily Wants to Play, and shining a light on Sam Haynes’ horror themed Christmas album (which is what supplied the music for this week’s episode).

All of that plus a round of Over/Under and so much more on episode 36 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen Now!!!

As promised – here is the Bunny the Killer Thing trailer – along with a link to the music used in today’s show. Special thanks to Harvey and Mike for stopping through and chatting about Scarefest! We’ll have more information for you regarding that title hopefully in the near future.