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Well, folks – after weeks of drinking whiskey on the podcast, we’ve decided to switch back to beer. What does that mean for you? A bit more belching than usual, but nothing major. So what are we talking about?

The Witch is hosting screenings in Satanic Churches across America. Yes, really. The director of the 1980 THE BOOGEYMAN is back with… another BOOGEYMAN movie, except it looks absolutely ridiculous. A new PUPPET MASTER raised over 75k in a crowdfunding campaign, and that just blows our minds. And last, but not least, the duo behind STARRY EYES is working on the sequel to MAMA. You know, probably.

All of that plus a full review of NINA FOREVER, a round of 2 Guys 1 Cup, and so much more on episode 43 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. LISTEN NOW!!!

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