You ever get the shivers when a trailer for a movie gets you really excited?  I remember the first time I watched the trailer for the remake of The Evil Dead I got this feeling.  I get the same sensation from the trailer to the produced film, The Hive.  It’s directed by newcomer David Yarovesky, and stars Kathryn Prescott (Skins), Gabriel Basso (Super 8), Jacob Zachar (Detention of the Dead), Talitha Bateman (Life Grows On), Gabrielle Walsh (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones), and Aurelia Scheppers (Dinocroc Vs. Supergator).

The film also has some major talent behind the scenes as well.  It’s produced by Cary Granat (The Scream franchise), and House musician Steve Aoki (who also contributed music to the film from his latest album Neon Future).  Finally, it’s already getting accolades from genre stars like James Gunn, who calls it “the most horrifying and disgusting love story ever.”  Make sure you catch it when it drops this September.

A young man suffering from amnesia must dig deep into the far reaches of his mind to remember who he is and save the love of his life before a virus that has infected him takes over.