A routine prostate exam awakens a bored IT engineer’s kink, setting in motion a completely unpredictable chain of events. The absurdist comedy Butt Boy weaves themes of addiction, recovery, and obsession into a story about a man who becomes obsessed with shoving things up his butt, and the alcoholic cop who’s chasing him. What began life as a short film on the YouTube channel Tiny Cinema is now a feature-length motion picture.

Tyler Cornack (Tiny Cinema) directs and stars in his second feature film and joins the growing legion of films that we, at Modern Horrors, have no choice butt to dub: Butt Horror. Joining recent entries like Assholes [Review] and Kuso [Trailer], Cornack brings his Tiny Cinema crew to probe the depths of man’s backside obsession. Admitting it “started off as a joke,” Cornack describes Butt Boy as the opposte of parodies like Airplane! saying, “The premise is the joke itself and it plays it straight all the way until the end.”

We’re getting a look at this one at FrightFest Glasgow and will report back with a review shortly. Until then, check out the trailer and share your favorite Butt Horror with us in the comments or on Twitter @ModernHorrors!

Butt Boy opens in select theaters (yes, theaters) on April 3, and drops on VOD April 14, 2020.

A newly sober detective must prove his AA sponsor has a power to make people disappear using his butt.