First thing’s first. Modern Horrors prides itself on being a curated source of news. We ignore far more press releases than we report, and we refuse to react and speculate on every filmmaker tweet like some kind of discount, horror-themed Buzzfeed. That said, when Timo Tjahjanto, director of recent gems The Night Comes For Us and May The Devil Take You, drops hints about his next project, we can’t help but sit up and take notice.

just another day in Dutch Colonized Indonesia

To be honest, after his last two films–not to mention Killers (2014) and Head Shot (2016)–he could tell me his next film was about a piece of fruit in a cup and I’d still be excited. But despite me being on board after the words “My next film,” he continued by tweeting the following:

My next film is a story of a Warrior in a mission to avenge the slaughter of his clan, blinds himself to master the art of sightless sword, fights a giant snake, wears its skin as costume, befriends a monkey as he fights injustice, just another day in Dutch Colonized Indonesia.

Now, that’s a lot to unpack. But any story about a dude badass enough to blind himself to become a better fighter is something I want to, er, get my eyes on! Tjahjanto later followed up with a tweet in his native Indonesian that, according to a translation, suggests he’s adapting an Indonesian superhero comic book from publisher Bumilangit.

fights a giant snake, wears its skin as costume

From what I can tell, the character is “Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu” (roughly translating to “The Blind from the Ghost Cave”, from an Indonesian comic book originating in the 1960’s. But as if that wasn’t good enough, Tjahjanto followed up his original tweet moments later, describing the villain of his story as “a Jacked up Alice Cooper-like Blind satantic warrior who uses childrens skulls as weapon.”

Officially sold, it’s at this point that I am desperately hoping Tjahjanto isn’t putting us on. His visual style and penchant for over-the-top action make him the perfect fit for a grisly, colorful, violent comic book adaptation. And, this doesn’t sound like any ordinary comic. Anyone familiar with Bumilangit or Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu already, please drop us a note and let us know if that excitement is warranted or anything else we might want to expect.